Guidelines for raiders!

What we need!

Warrior Arms Fury Protection
Paladin Holy Protection Retribution
Hunter Beastmaster Marksman Survival
Rogue Assassination Combat Subtlety
Priest Discipline Holy Shadow
Death Knight Blood Frost Unholy
Shaman Elemental Enhancement Restoration
Mage Arcane Fire Frost
Warlock Affliction Demonology Destruction
Monk Brewmaster Mistweaver Windwalker
Druid Balance Cat Bear Restoration

Guidelines for raiders!

Our values:

  • “Two heads are better than one” - Communicate well with others and increase the efficiency!

  • “It is amazing how much people can get done if they do not worry about who gets the credit” – Help each other, no arrogance, no one is more important than the other, everyone matters!

  • “Be grateful” – Be grateful that you´re a part of our raidteam, like we´re grateful that you are a part of it!!

  • “Have fun” - It´s a game, you´re supposed to enjoy it and be happy!

Preperation to raid:

  • Do whatever you can to learn the basic mechanics of each fight!

  • Deposit 1000g/week into the gbank, and we´ll provide flask, feast and vantus rune.

  • Bring your own prepots and defiled augment runes!

  • Do whatever you can to improve your gameplay, both mechanic-wise but also dps/hps/stat weights etc.

  • - If you feel uncomfortable, there is an officer ready to guide you (we´ll get into details later in this guide, who you´re supposed to contact)


  • ATTENDANCE – We expect you to show 75% of the times, each month! (approx. 6/8)

  • Sign before: 13:00 PM(servertime) Wednesday (for the Wednesday-raid) 13:00 PM(servertime) Sunday! (for the Sunday-raid)

  • Raid announcement at 16:00 wed/sun!

  • ONLY! sign as tentative, if you´re not 100% certain to make it in time!

  • If there´s a risk you won’t be able to show, let the raid-leaders know! (TARQON or DIROVAH.

  • If you won’t be able to show, let the raid-leaders know! (TARQON or DIROVAH.

  • Be online @ 7:15!! NOT LATER! or we will replace you! (If you´re late, sign as tentative)

  • If you´re not a part of the raid team, please respect our decision and show as a substitude(awarded).

  • Substitudes need to be available during the entire raid-time, to receive their reward.

  • Substitude reward: Promised raid-spot in the following raid and 1x promised loot of the council´s choice!

  • Your average Warcraftlog should be above 50%, we do take your ilvl, gear and length of the fight into consideration.

  • Raid-leaders got the right to replace you under specific circumstances, such as lack of dps/hps, mechanic fuck-ups or disrespecting our core-values!

  • Pay attention to your raid-leaders, we do not need 10 people shot-calling, but the raid-leaders will always welcome your input warmly! Quo: “ Two heads are better than one”.

  • Be on DISCORD!

  • Add-on: RcLootCouncil and DBM! (consider using Exorsus Raid-Tools as well)

Social, Trial or Raider?

  • Trials will eventually become raiders, if they live up to the raid requirements.

  • If raiders at any point, do not live up to the raid requirements, we demote you to social.

  • Every person can ask to become a social at any point.

  • Socials are more than welcome, to ask for a trial-spot at any given time.

  • Loot priority: Guildmaster=Officer=Raider>Trial>Social

Officers – who to contact and when?:

  • Any question regarding ranged dps (rotation, stat weights, logs, ranged raid mechanics): Contact DIROVAH

  • Any question regarding melee dps (rotation, stat weights, logs, ranged raid mechanics): Contact TYRANDEI

  • Any question regarding healing (rotation, stat weights, logs, ranged raid mechanics): Contact TRONALDDUMB

  • Any question regarding tanking (rotation, stat weights, logs, ranged raid mechanics): Contact ODYNEE

  • Drama? Personal-stuff? Need Dr. Phil?: Out of raid-time: Any officer! During raid: Any officer apart from the raid-leader!

  • Recruitment? Contact an officer!

  • Raid(tentative, won’t make it in time, input, going for a break, demotion/promotion etc.): Contact TARQON

  • Wanna be an officer/one of the officer is not behaving?: Contact ODYNEE


  • Everyone speaks english whenever there is more than one nationality in the guild/raid/party/discord etc.

  • Try to avoid cliques!

  • Have fun with everyone in the guild and avoid unnecessary conflicts/drama!

  • Be as active as possible!